While states like Colorado have the highest percentages of cannabis consumption, California has the biggest volume of cannabis when it comes strictly to the numbers.

The state of California has close to 5 million users of cannabis, by far the highest number by state in the U.S. The State has widespread marijuana use throughout the nation, but San Francisco stamps its place as the Number one spot.

The city of San Francisco is top 15 in terms of the overall population (13th most populous to be exact) with 883,305 residents as of the 2018 count. To put these numbers into perspective, an estimated 125,000 people are currently using marijuana in the city’s limits.

The cannabis industry including CBD, medical marijuana, hemp, and recreational marijuana is blowing up, creating headlines in all sectors of the world such as the following:

  • Politics
  • Health
  • Wellness
  • Cosmetics
  • Fashion

With this space being one of the hottest industries, marketing your cannabis company can be difficult. This is also true if you’re looking to break through the constant regulation that exists. While marketing cannabis through Google Ads or Social Ads being banned, it can be complicated to understand how to grow your business online.

Here are digital marketing cannabis, we help grow your business by utilizing the right digital channels in the right way. San Francisco is an extremely crowded market, and if you’re looking to take your cannabis business to the next level, get in touch with a marketing cannabis expert today.

San Francisco Cannabis SEO Services

While Cannabis brands are having a hard time with paid advertising platforms, your company can find success using our proven cannabis SEO services. There are multiple ways to find success using a mix of different organic marketing strategies that build up your website’s presence in search engines. Our team uses the following SEO techniques to build visibility in the crowded San Francisco market.

  • Blog content and thought leadership
  • On page optimization (meta-data, content optimization, content expansion etc.)
  • Technical optimization (load speed, schema)
  • Backlink Acquisition

PR and Brand Awareness

Here at digital marketing cannabis, we work hard to ensure your cannabis company is considered a thought leader in the space to establish trust and credibility. Major players such as Forbes magazine has entire teams of cannabis reports that cover all aspects of the industry.

Other media outlets such as Jilea Hemmings, CEO of Leaf Tyme, writes for Medium’s authority magazine doing a series on the cannabis space. She also began with The Untold Truth, a podcast that shares lessons about life, business, and health with a focus on cannabis movers.

Cannabis Instagram/Facebook Services

Instagram has opened its doors to visual merchandising with the latest in-app shopping feature. This feature on posts and stories has brought the storefront to your customer’s news feed. This allows you to promote posts and land directly in your next customer’s news feed.

Though cannabis businesses have fewer options to advertise on Instagram than everyday products, you can still build an audience organically through Instagram.

  • Organic – We create consistent and quality posts that provide value to the average cannabis user. Our focus is on establishing consistency with your posting schedule using popular and trending hashtags with your posts.
  • Customer Service – We help guide you through interacting with your customers. Making sure your business provides customers with a positive consumer experience.
  • User-Generated Content – We help provide avenues for users to engage with your posts.

Google Ads Management in San Francisco

Running Google ads in the cannabis space is not available for the most part. We do provide ways to market this space in a more discrete way to avoid penalty or suspension. The goal is to optimize the website accordingly and ensure we’re in compliance with google ads and regulations when we advertise.

Using the appropriate verbiage, our team understands how to build visibility through Google’s paid media programs.

Contact a San Francisco Cannabis Marketing Specialist

Digital advertising restrictions for the cannabis space is just one bump in the road, but it should not discourage you from trying to grow your business digitally. We’re in an era where trust is at an all-time low, and our agency prides itself on our credibility and transparency.

Now is the time to capitalize on your competition, and drive traffic to your retail location or online store to ensure you continue to run a thriving business. San Francisco is a crowded area but demand for cannabis is exploding so be sure not to miss out.

Our proven strategies are built to grow your business, and we use a holistic approach in order to do so. Offering a variety of services including SEO, paid media, PR, social media, email marketing, and social advertising, we cover all the bases.

For a FREE consultation and to get a proposal from a specialist get in touch today!

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