For around three years, medical marijuana was legalized in a variety of regions around Nevada. In early 2017 marijuana sales only started in specific areas of Nevada including Las Vegas and Reno.

The huge amount of tourism coming out of Las Vegas led to an increase in customers looking to purchase recreational pot. There are two main locations near Las Vegas owned by Source NV Dispensaries. Anyone in Nevada or older can buy up to an ounce of concentrate in for any specific purchase in the Las Vegas area.

Business owners are looking to take advantage of cannabis legality and start their own dispensary or cannabis business. Though this space offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs, it is important to understand the risks and challenges associated with being a business owner in this industry.

Las Vegas Cannabis & Dispensary Marketing

DMC is a firm specializing in digital marketing and design – possessing in-depth knowledge about our clients’ business goals. There are many hurdles surrounding cannabis marketing (legal, competition, location, etc..) and our team is dedicated to solving them.

Dispensary Marketing is now a mainstream service, however, laws and regulations continue to evolve throughout Nevada as the cannabis industry continues to face an uphill battle. Our in house team utilized luxury design principles and aesthetics to elevate your brand. We use innovate strategies and a full-fledged marketing team to craft a beautiful cannabis experience.

Beat your Competition Through Digital Marketing

As weed legalization continues to gain additional traction, competition between the following continues to grow more intense.

  • Dispensaries
  • Growers
  • Doctors
  • Other Marijuana Based Products

Las Vegas Cannabis SEO Services

Our dedicated team here at DMC provides custom solutions to help grow your inbound traffic in the cannabis industry. To generate FREE incremental traffic and grow your cannabis brand, it’s important to generate visibility in search engines for your target keywords.

All of our SEO techniques are designed to bring your page to the first page of Google search results. The goal is lead generation and Sales, and the way to do that is through the implementation of specific SEO strategies that work. We utilize a proven approach to generate relevant and qualified traffic using the following techniques:

  • PR & Authority Building: Research shows that the top 3 positions in Google capture 70% of organic traffic. We take into account offsite SEO techniques such as link building and Digital PR in order to properly build up your website’s authority in the eyes of Google.

  • Keyword Research & On Page Optimization: We make sure all page content is optimized for SEO. Fixing Meta Data, Headers, and paragraph text to ensure it contains the appropriate distribution of targeted keywords. 

  • Content Marketing & Thought Leadership: Our SEO focused content team will help build additional pages to beef up the website. We create quality blog content, location pages, product pages etc.. to ensure the website ranks for a huge variety of keywords.

Cannabis Paid Media Marketing

At this point Google, Facebook etc.. continue to ban marijuana advertising from their platforms. Though this is likely to change in the future, it is important to understand how to utilize these platforms without getting in trouble. The experts at DMC know how to get creative in using digital paid media strategies without getting caught. We utilize the following techniques:

  • We avoid using key buzzwords in ad copy
  • Keyword approach needs to be creative
  • Determine alternative verbiage for industry terminology

Our team is a full-service marketing agency and although companies like Google have not embraced this space just yet, there is still a multitude of ways we make our clients grow. Therefore we utilize the best platforms we can within our toolbelt to create permanent longstanding success.

Full-Service Internet Marketing Services

We’re experts in professional search engine optimization, paid media management, email marketing, social media advertising, and digital PR. We provide real-time reporting to understand the return on investment we’re generating for our clients.

Our online marketing company helps growth-minded companies and early-stage businesses like yours generate more traffic. The professionals at DMC manage marketing campaigns that are set to meet your unique goals in the local market.

What makes us DMC the best company?

  • A proven track record for half a decade
  • Many experts on staff across all subject matter
  • We handle the national market but with a very localized presence

Contact us today for a FREE Proposal and consultation with a digital specialist. No obligation whatsoever!

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