Chicago is the most populous city in Illinois and has the third biggest population in the United States. With a population of close to 3 million people, it is the most populous city in the Midwest. Cannabis legalization is sweeping the nation, so it’s important to get in early as more and more states legalize the distribution of marijuana.

Chicago’s 58 million domestic visitors in 2018 made it the second most visited city in the nation, behind New York’s approximately 65 million visitors. If you’re looking to start and grow a dispensary in the city of Chicago, it’s extremely important to market your location appropriately. Not only is competition going to get extremely fierce, but you’ll also be required to navigate the fierce regulation that’s going to exist.

Market Your Chicago Dispensary Using a Hyperlocal approach

Hyperlocal digital marketing is different than regular marketing, and takes a holistic approach to generating positive ROI. Successfully marketing a dispensary in Chicago is NOT EASY. Here are some of the following challenges you’ll face when starting a cannabis business:

Relationship between federal and state regulations:

  • Labeling your product
  • Product shipping
  • Designing your dispensary with the appropriate look and feel etc..

Not only are you going to want to drive users to your website, but most people won’t even get that far. Groups of people will pull out their phone and type “Dispensary” into google maps and wait for Google to show them the nearest one.

You want to make sure that you have a SUPER strong local presence, not only being citied in Google, Yelp etc.. but also in the hundreds of local directories that currently exist.

Chicago Dispensary Website Design and SEO

Your website is the welcome mat to your business and your face on the internet. In order to optimize your website appropriately you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • A fully up to date product menu. Now that you’re in retail you will need to understand that everybody does their research beforehand. Make sure to highlight ALL of your products and your most popular and featured products in the most easy to locate places.

  • A way to capture email addresses utilizing a top of funnel You’re going to want to build up a contact database and bring people into your marketing funnel. It takes on average 9 touches to bring a customer toward making a purchasing decision.


  • Updated Marijuana Promotions. Competition is fierce so you need to separate yourself in some way. Not only through product quality but also so potential customers can plan visits around their favorite products.


  • Optimize your website for SEO.  Use the help of a marketing agency or SEO professional in order to optimize your website’s visibility in search. You want to continue to bring in new customers from the internet and making sure you’re building up your organic traffic is a way to do that.

How can Digital Marketing Help Your Dispensary?

Our team of marketing experts will provide you with a full funnel digital marketing strategy that will help your dispensary build and attract new customers. We’ll utilize search engine optimization, paid media, social media, and other marketing techniques to build your business.

Content Marketing is Key

Our team of content writers and PR professionals will help build your businesses’ reputation to its full potential. We make sure to manage the dispensary’s reputation and portray it as a thought leader in the Chicago cannabis space.

Content is about consistently creating, curating, and distributing valuable and actionable content that engages your target audience. The goal is drive profitable customer actions that lead to customer loyalty and recurring revenue generation.

As opposed to focusing on selling your products to existing customers, content marketing allows you to educate your prospects on the VALUE of the industry, and your products in general.

Let our Digital Marketing Team Grow Your Chicago Dispensary

Our growth marketing techniques bring you custom solutions to generate more sales, and transform your business into a Chicago cannabis powerhouse. Get in touch today for a free digital marketing proposal.

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